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I grew up in the Boston area, and worked on the East Coast beforemoving to Japan to teach English. I then moved to Hawai’i, to study hula and to get my Masters in Education. I am so fortunate to have done both. I deeply value the diverse perspectives that my halau brothers and sisters, Kumu Ka’ipo, and Kahu Ka‘imiloa bring to our classes. I have learned first hand through this certification process about the many levels of interpretation in hula, and about the significance of the Keaiwa heiau. I am deeply interested in traditions and beliefs of the world’s indigenous cultures.

The hula class and atmosphere that Kumu Ka'ipo creates, encourages
personal growth and connection between the students. Most importantly, the whole halau experience is permeated with love. We are there to develop our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Kumu's generous spirit draws out hidden talents in students- she has helped me realize capabilities that I had not seen in myself before. Dance is great training for life- we learn poise, grace, and lightness of spirit.
Ne‘epapa like…Ne‘epapa pu, is the motto of our halau. We move as one,
and we strengthen individually and grow through love.




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