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Closing with Meditation

We close each Healing Hula class with a meditation.

When feeling well and healthy, we are saying that we are in alignment with our true self. To me this means we are saying, living exactly what we stand for, what we believe in, what we know as truth. The deviation from this state of mind/life causes unhealthy circumstances for an individual.

The further away you are from what you know as truth, the further away you get from being well and healthy. The body, the mind and the spirit continually provide this alignment to you via the various symptoms you experience – headaches, hypertension, high blood pressure, fatigue, stress, weight gain, depression, etc.
Listen to your body. It tells you exactly when you are not in alignment with your truths. Watch your thoughts, how your mind thinks. Putting yourself down and other negative thinking produces more of the same. Finding ways to move forward and viewing situations in a better way create the groundwork for wellness.

As a dancer, one learns to listen to one's body. Your body tells you exactly when you are not in alignment with who you are and what you believe your truths to be – whether it is physically, or emotionally or mentally or energetically or spiritually. First and foremost, in Healing Hula and Chanting®, there is no wrong...and, mistakes are okay. This is a significant premise when participating in Healing Hula and Chanting®. This is key (ki, chi, Qi) to Healing Hula and Chanting®.

In Healing Hula and Chanting®, we study the different energies of hula – physical, literary, geographical, sensual and spiritual. We discover how the ancient Hawaiians’ values were so advanced to a point where they were misunderstood. Their philosophies of living and life revered Nature and the laws of the Universe. The ancient Hawaiians were a very healthy, happy and peaceful population. Their way of life and thinking provides the perfect model for us who are seeking wellness, joy and peace.

What To Expect During Your
Healing Hula Meditation


Each Healing Hula and Chanting® session ends with a simple hula noho (sitting hula) that creates a meditative setting. When this occurs, we can then feed better thoughts into our very being. When the mind is in good stead, our body and spirit/soul flow in the same manner. The movements in this no'o no'o ana (meditation) reflect a universal message, and truly reflects the way of the ancient...ancient Hawaiians.

From deep within…we share by giving and receiving
Standing tall, no matter what confronts us
For we are comprised with infinite power and skills
Imbued from the Source,
Nature and Mankind
Do all things with love
And thus, we heal.